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this area. there is the potential for heavy rainfall and look at the updated rainfall totals. we could see nearly a foot of rain in mendocino county by sunday. details on the time coming in a few minutes. with all the wet weather moving in, communities around the bay area taking the flood risk seriously. larkspur is one of them where we find cbs 5 reporter mark sayre are storm preps there. >> reporter: one of those higher hilltops in the break mount tamalpais where they are talking about wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour combined with the rain. marin county residents not taking any chances. with some predictions of perhaps a foot of rainfall in the north bay hills over the next few days, residents like patricia are not taking any chances. >> we live in a low spo at the bottom of a hill so a lot of
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water comes down. so this is to go around the garage and some of the doors and also in the basement. >> reporter: am so malama hired a friend who help her get ready for the storms and they are loading up on sandbags. >> some of them 20 pounds but you don't want them too heavy or you won't be able to line them up correctly. >> reporter: san anselmo is no stranger to flooding. downtown was damaged in 2005 so residents and merchants take the warnings seriously. michael feldman's art gallery still displays a plaque that shows the high watermark in 2005 halfway up the main entrance. >> i think this one is going to be strong and a lot of news on the street about people getting worried with flooding. >> reporter: also gearing up for the rains the california highway patrol. >> the inundation of rain is
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going to bring oil to the surface creating slicker roads. >> reporter: the officer says the first major storms of the season could be extra hazardous for drivers. >> and it's really important in the first few days to make sure like you would driving in fog and ice and creating a lot of space and driving slowly. >> reporter: in downtown san anselmo, san anselmo creek floods at about 13 feet. right now it's running at about 2.2 feet so that's something we'll keep an eye on over the next few days. also coming up new at 6:00, how the storm is bringing out the best this people, a man who is volunteering to help people load up the sandbags. back to you. >> mark, i certainly remember 2005 but they have done a lot of work to improve things along the creek. it hasn't been tested, has it? >> reporter: we haven't seen sandbags downtown but merchants are ready for it. whether or not it's going to happen this time, they are thinking it might be possible.
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>> reporter: in oakland the city is handing out sandbags and plastic sheeting to businesses and residents. you can get it at a municipal service center or fire station as well as in concord where residents can pick up 25 rain bags. those bags and sand are free. you can pick them up anytime at the city's corporation yard on the gasoline alley. pg&e is also doing what it can to minimize the potential storm damage. crews are out trimming trees ahead of the high winds and ground-saturating rains. toppled trees and branches are the leading cause of power outages during bad weather. and as the store approaches, remember, you can find our interactive high-def doppler radar online. track storms in your neighborhood anytime of day at new at 5:00 a couple in oakland was just trying do the right thing, get a dangerous driver off the streets. well, then came the guns.
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christin ayers shows us they got it on video. >> reporter: that's right. two men brandishing weapons at a couple who had been recording video of the men driving rick restly. it just took a few minutes for those men to pull handguns on the couple. it was all caught on tape. a man and wife shot this cell phone video of two suspects in another car pointing guns at them. the couple had recorded video of the alleged gunmen james crosby and michael meadows, driving recklessly. the gunmen followed them then held the man and his wife up demanding that video. the man and his wife drove away. >> what they didn't realize is that the suspects had followed them. the back door of their car opens up and one of the suspects gets inside. the husband gets into a struggle with the suspect. the husband is able to push the suspect out of the car and tells his wife hit the gas, get out of here. >> reporter: they got out as the suspects fired after them grazing their car. no one was hurt. after a high-speed chase, police later tracked down the
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suspects in the same car and arrested them. now, the suspects are facing a number of charges including assault with a deadly weapon and attempted robbery. live in oakland, christin ayers, cbs 5. in other bay area headlines a peninsula high school is mourning a freshman student killed in a crash on the way to school. the 14-year-old girl was riding her bike to woodside high school when she was hit by an suv. it doesn't appear that she or the driver did anything wrong. they are investigating whether the heavy fog may have been a factor. n early-morning traffic stop in milpitas turned into a shootout as the officer approached the car and the driver fired at him of the the officer, who was not hit, returned fire and the gunman sped off. police searched the area later found the car in a neighborhood close by. it had been stolen. the gunman still hasn't been found. a man is dead after leading police on a chase and standoff that closed off traffic to treasure island. the chase started around 11:00 last night in san francisco.
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on treasure island, the driver got out and threatened to kill himself. around 5:00 this morning, he was found dead with a self- inflicted gunshot wound. the man was a suspect in a series of robberies, assaults and carjackings. the men accused of beating bryant's fan bryan stow nearly to -- giants fan bryan stow nearly to death could go to trial next year. the defense is still reviewing thousands of pages of evidence in the case against louie sanchez and marvin norwood. they made a brief court appearance in l.a. today. the judge is expected to set a trial date at their next hearing, which is in february. a bay area official is in hot water over his spending habits. well, he must have superpowers because according to his receipts, he is able to be two places at once. cbs 5 report len ramirez on the latest twist and a very confusing money trail of the len. reporter: that's right, elizabeth. up until now, the name george shirakawa has meant nothing but respect here in east san jose.
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the george shirakawa community center was named after george shirakawa senior a well loved city council member who died while in office in the 1990s. now some say george junior, a supervisor who is under investigation, should step down to save the family name. >> george has been a tremendous advocate for the east side. >> reporter: political consultant was once a supervisor to george shirakawa. his advice now to the politician, step down. >> this is a repeated violation of the public trust. and once that occurs, there's no putting the jeannie back in the bottle and so it's up to george to do the right thing for his constituents and the county to resign. >> reporter: the district attorney is investigating shirakawa for violations of campaign ethics laws and misuse of funds stemming from adding abuse of a county issued -- from alleged abuse of a county issued credit card includes hotels, car rentals.
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in his first public statements on the allegations last tuesday, shirakawa blamed the media. >> i don't want you to be distracted by the political lynching that you read today and continue to read about. >> reporter: but it has been a distraction. >> there's a sirens and a blaring in the community right now right or wrong from perspective. >> reporter: one new area of focus are travel expenses. last april shirakawa reportedly billed taxpayers for his upgraded $560 a night hotel stay in washington, d.c. the night after his official itinerary had him flying home. and in 2009 he was seemingly in two places at once, attending a state conference in sacramento and charging taxpayers $95 for a working staff meeting at a downtown san jose restaurant. >> at the end of the day it's like a train wreck and it's time to get off the rails so he doesn't cause more pain. >> reporter: at at last week's board of supervisors meeting george shirakawa said he would have a lot more to say on this
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subject. apparently today wasn't the day. he did not return our phone calls. len ramirez, cbs 5. cell phones and steeples. the deal some bay area churches are majoring with cell phone companies to try to make some extra money. >> holiday gifts snatched from your front porch. the programs offered to help you prevent delivery theft. >> then a 4.0 college student pac-10 athlete of the year in the fight of her life battling stage 4 lung cancer. >> you're always trying to guard your child from it. but lung cancer is not something that ever occurs to anyone. g to a higher power to
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keep up with the demand for service. er mike sugerman cell phone companies are turning to a higher power to keep up with the damage for service. >> or higher tower. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman explains the deal cell phone companies are making with churches. >> reporter: never seems to be enough cell coverage for all
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the phones we're using. you may have a nice clear conversation, but often times the call breaks up and -- [ signal breakup ] -- hear -- [ signal breakup ] ... other side. people want lots of antenna but they don't want them in the neighborhood and certainly don't want to see them. >> well, your prayers may have been answered. [ church bell ] >> church steeples make a wonderful location for cell sites. >> reporter: people don't like th obvious one. at this presbyterian church they make up $30,000 a year for putting a site in the steeple. many others are doing the same thing. they lose part of the tax exemption but they will make money and cell companies love them. >> because it's up in the air. you have nice location on it. it's good connectivity and people don't see it. >> reporter: steeples are the
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latest place towers are hidden in plain sight, disguised in trees, in trees, even on fast food signs. usually there's controversy anywhere. >> churches could be unduly influenced by these contracts. >> reporter: mindy of the utility watchdog group turn worries it could help the companies in lobbying efforts. utilities say heavens no! they just want to provide better service from up above the tree line. mike sugerman, cbs 5. he bashed the very show he stars in. you know why angus t. jones won't be appearing in the next new episodes of "two and a half men." >> package thieves raiding porches and taking gifts. what delivery companies are doing to fight back and protect your presence.
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[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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mayor george moscone and suprvisor harvey milk were gunned down at city hall by former supervisor dan white. it was 34 years ago today when george moscone and harvey milk were gunned down at city hall by dan white. this year's event will have two parts. there was a ceremony on the steps of city hall about a half hour ago. and then there will be a candlelight march to milk's former camera store in the castro district. the annual commemoration began with the spontaneous candlelight march and vigil.
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consumer confidence is growing reaching its highest point in 4.5 years. that could translate into a busier holiday shopping season. and stronger economic growth. new numbers out today show the consumer confidence index rose to nearly 74 points up from 73 in october. the steady increase from the all-time low of 25 in february back in 2009. but that didn't offset worries about the "fiscal cliff." little progress being made on capitol hill and the dow reacted down 89. nasdaq down 9. s&p down 7. thieves know you have already started your holiday shopping. now all they have to do is wait for your packages to be delivered. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on ways to protect your doorstep deliveries. reporter: you could call her the grinch who stole christmas. a brazen robber swiping a delivery from a front porch unabair she was on camera.
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>> i think it's opportunity. >> reporter: this officer says so-called porch pirating rises dramatically this time of year because there are so many deliveries and packages are easy pickings. >> they may actually be driving around neighborhoods and looking for packages and seeing whatever they see on the porches. >> reporter: but there are many options to protect your packages this holiday season. the old standards have them delivered to your work or neighbor who is home during the day, or take advantage of theft preventing delivery options like signature requirements. if those aren't an option, most delivery services will hold your package for pickup upon request and both the postal service and u.p.s. provide several methods of package tracking. some will even send an alert to your smartphone. >> take the steps necessary to ensure that either someone is there that you're able to track that package to ensure it doesn't spend unnecessary amount of time out in public view. >> reporter: but it's not just delivery services that are offering protection. amazon's now delivering to
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lockers at 6 locations like this 7-eleven. of course, you will have to take the time to pick it up. but belter you than someone else. now, depending on your relationship with your delivery person, you can also ask him to leave your packages in a safe or hidden location like behind the house or behind a gate. on a personal note, we have actually asked our mailman not to leave any packages unattended after having two stolen in one week. if you have a consumer complaint, 1-888-5-helps-u. it is happening everywhere. >> absolutely. >> thank you. it may be fortuitous but one of the stars of the hit cbs show "two and a half men" won't be appearing in the next couple episodes. the character jake harper is off joining the army so consequently, angus t. jones who plays jake will now have time before he faces producers concerning his recent criticism of the show. jones in a youtube video posted by a conservative religious group forerunner chronicles bashes the sitcom saying it
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goes against his religious beliefs. >> you cannot be a true god- fearing person and be on a television show like that. i know i can't. >> jones has been on the show for 10 years. he makes $300,000 per episode. this is not the first controversy for "two and a half men." you remember last year ashton kutcher replaced charlie sheen after sheen's public bashing of the show's creator. back to storm watch. paul, you have been tracking the storm since last week and now we're on the eve of the first big round of rain. >> sometimes when you see something eight or nine days out it's all right, talk to me when it's four or five days out. that's when the forecast models get more truthful on what's happening. now we're seeing this three days out with heavy rainfall. this is what we're expecting between friday and sunday. by the end of in weekend we are looking at 6 to 9" of rainfall for you in healdsburg. kentfield 5 to 9" of rainfall. alameda 3 to 6" of rain even cupertino the south bay the
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santa clara rally, 3 to 5" of rain. tonight the first wave of rain will bring a lot of wind. there is a wind advisory in effect from 4 a.m. to 11 a.m. tomorrow for widespread wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour and at the coast and hilltops gusts up to 60 miles per hour. the number one resource on the media right now is hi-def doppler for tracking rainfall. it's the only radar in the country that the national weather service actually uses for their forecasts and flood forecasting and they will be using over the next couple of days. we have been in contact with them. south bay is quiet right now. rain coming tomorrow, heavy rainfall after that. there is a lot of moisture from the pacific ocean that will consolidate around an area of low pressure and be sent in one
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direction. so all of this moisture coming from the tropics is going to be sent toward the west coast and in this instance it's northern california that will receive the rain. it's not going to move much. so the fire hose of tropical moisture will be aimed at us and it will be west for a long period of time. tomorrow morning we get rain and wind. then a break from wednesday afternoon through much of thursday in between weather service. the heaviest rainfall gets here on friday and likely will not let up until sunday. so three days of heavy rain starting friday. tomorrow wet, windy, highs in the 60s. san francisco 63, concord 62, san jose 64, napa 61. wind advisory in effect tomorrow morning. rain across the board all the way through sunday. it is going to be wet. we do see signs that the rain will end next monday. we'll be right back.
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year. approximately, year. approximately, one in four l be lung cancer -- more than breast, prostate and c nearly 57,000 people in california will die from cancer this year and approximately one
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in four will be lung cancer which is more than breast, prostate and colon cancer combined. many never smoked. dr. kim mulvihill shares the story of a woman who is making a difference. reporter: in 2009, as a senior at cal, jill costello had three goals: graduate, win nationals, and beat cancer. >> it was so surreal. it was so unbelievable. >> reporter: she had stage 4 lung cancer, the type usually found in nonsmokers. the most common type seen in women. >> there are new jersey that you think in the back you your mind could happen and you're trying to guard your child from it. but lung cancer is not something that occurs to anyone. >> reporter: her parents say jill was dealing with cancer
5:24 pm
but foremost living her life. she got 4.0 average her senior year. she worked with a lung cancer foundation to organize jog for jill, charity runs to help raise awareness and beat lung cancer big time. and she got back to crew. >> she would go from chemo to practice in the rain. >> when she said you need to be tougher here, for her battling for her life, really had a profound effect on the women on the team. >> reporter: the coach said cancer made jill for the better making her focus but never took away her sunny side. >> jill always had a smile in her voice. so she could say one of the most demanding toughest things or harshest things possible. but she said it in a way that really inspired everybody. >> reporter: jim's courage and determination made her the pac- 10 athlete of the year and
5:25 pm
cal's varsity 8 cops at nationals where they took second. jill graduated wearing her pac- 10 medal and a blonde wig. she died five weeks later in june of 2010 at age 22. >> every day, every minute, all through the day, all through the day, i think of jill. >> reporter: jill's legacy lives on. >> she is going to be part of our team forever. and i think, you know, she definitely made our team and the women on our team made them better athletes but more importantly made them butter people. >> reporter: trying to find a cure and to change the way the world views lung cancer. >> just like this little pebble thrown in a pond. the ripples are so mighty that i think eventually they will accomplish their mission. i think there will be a cure. >> jill's journey is now inspiring a childhood friend as she goes the extra mile searching for a cue. kelsey harrison is running from
5:26 pm
new york to san francisco and 8 million people are following her great lung running. i'll have that story tomorrow. >> wow. >> i think it's important that people hear, it's nonsmokers who get it because you don't think of that. >> right. >> be aware of that. >> and more than breast cancer and other cancers. a lot of people don't know that. >> reporter: so important that we raise money to fight this disease. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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we're working on for the 6:0 news. plagued with delays whenev ad. tonight, i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news.
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plagued with delays whenever the weather is bad so tonight with a big storm on the horizon, how a bay area airport plans to make more flights on time with a staggered approach. plus... >> my gender has never been a factor in accomplishing my unit's mission. >> they say times have changed. why servicewomen in the bay area are suing the u.s. military. those stories and more at 6:00. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, can the president get the secretary of state he wants? leading candidate susan rice goes to capitol hill but meet this is reaction. >> if you don't know what happened, say you just don't know what happened. >> pelley: margaret brennan is

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